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I  found this  site  today  and I  decided   to  write  a  short  review  about it   which seems  great   for  children , the site is  described  as  a free website built to help you with your child’s learning and recommended by 100% of teachers  and full of great support for reading, and math.

I  took some time   to  go and  check some of  these  250  free  books promoted in the landing  page and let me  tell  you   that I was  surprised  that  you get free   access  to the  book   and  the  audio  so this   can be  heard  by your  child , I listened  to one  of them  while   writing this post  and  I found  this feature   really  helpful , so   please  take some  time  to  check   it  out  by clicking  the   following link

You  also  have  access   to some    fun activities  and online  games  according to the age of your child

Sometimes   you  might  feel that  you are short of  ideas  so  this site helps   you  with  ideas   such as

  • listening  games
  • action  games
  • games that use all senses
  • screen games
  • board games

you  can  have access   to all those  fun ideas  by  clicking the following link

There is  a tab called kid’s  barn where  you    can  find  files  to print  out and play

Finally   the tab called  the  Expert Help  teaches through  videos  with key issues  such  as

  • Phonics  made easy
  • Grammar  , punctuation and spelling made easy
  • Helping struggling readers
  • Encouraging readers
  • Encouraging Boys
  • Reading  in  holidays

I  don’t plan   to summarize  everything   that is  in the site  so  take some  time , give  it  a  try  and judge for   yourself  if it can be of  benefit  to you ,  your  children , students and  colleagues.


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