Listening Exercises for Beginners: Sundays at Rocco’s



Nicholas Petron’s grandfather, Rocco Galasso, moved to New York City from Italy with the hopes of making a better life. For eighteen years Rocco served as owner and superintendent of an apartment building where much of his family resided–until the day they were given notice that their building faced demolition to make way for new apartments. As Nick remembers, that’s when everything changed.


  • go for  a walk , apartment building ,grew  up ,  show  up for dinnermake  something  clear , brand  new ,relocate ,Sunday meal ,shovel,coal,broken

Ponder  about these  questions before  watching the  video

  • Do  you   have  a big  family?
  • Do  you   usually have  family  reunions?
  • How  strong is your  relationship  with   your family members and relatives?
  • Do you  usually  go   for  a walk   with family  or  relatives? What  do  you  guys  usually  do together?
  • what  ‘s  a   tradition  that you  used  have  that you  have never  done  anymore?

Watch the video  Sundays at Rocco’s and think  of these  questions while  watching it

  • What was  Rocco’s  profession?
  • Who  lived  in the  building?
  • What was the family tradition?
  • What  did  all Rocco’s  family  have to relocate?
  • What did   Rocco do to the windows  of  the building?
  • Why  was  Rocco  sad?
  • What  happened  with the  family  reunions  after  Rocco left the building?

After watching the video

  • No  success  in life  can  compensate   for  failure  at home , write a  short  paragraph  explaining  why  family is  the most  important thing in your life

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