Verbs and Tenses

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Sometimes  I  have been asked  as  a  professor   if  I  can provide     a  list    of  verbs    with the past  and  past   participle  form , well    I was  digging  in my   dropbox account  and I was lucky to   find   it  and I want to share  it  with you.

Regular  verbs   doesn’t seem  to be  a problem  for  students because  they have   to   add  only   “ed”    to  the root  of  the verb   The only  problem  with  regular verbs is  when  it  comes  to  pronunciation.

Irregular  verbs  present a  different challenge   , some students ask me how they  can figure  out what the past  and the participle  form  of  a  verb   are  and I just  say  that  they have to memorize them, there is  no  other way around.

to make that   challenging task easier  , I leave  you  with   the  document  where   the verbs  are  divided in regular , irregular  besides  it  has  columns  for  the  past  and the participle form and the  meaning  in Spanish , also  don’t forget  to scroll until  you reach the end   of the  document  where  you  will  find  the summary of   all tenses in  English .  you  can check to  get   the same  results  with  other verbs.


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