The Finland Phenomenon: Inside the World’s Most Surprising School System

I hope you enjoy the video  and notice what they do in Finland to  keep  its education in a top spot in the world.

  1. Academically demanding classes.
  2. Lively , interesting  and   fun  classes.
  3. Interesting  points about  the “Teacher Talk Time”.
  4. Interesting points about the ” Student  Work Time”.
  5. A great  deal of  classroom experience   for  future  teachers.
  6. Personal  responsibility in the  classroom.
  7. Moodle  is  a powerful  tool  for  education.
  8. Education is  based on  trust.
  9. Reshaping  the  teacher profession is necessary.
  10. The business of the  school  is teaching and learning.
  11. Master’s  degree are required  to  teach.

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