Pronunciation: The use of the phonetic alphabet

Phonetic  symbols will  be  unfamiliar if  you  have never been enrolled in a pronunciation  course  so  the  first step  is   identifying  the   Phonetic  alphabet that your  professor  is using  so  you can use it in  examinations  and  other  school  assignments  since that  is  the  one that  your professor  is  familiar  with  and  probably  it  is  the one  that    he or she  is going to  use to  evaluate.

This  is  the  one   that  my   dictionary includes  in  every   single transcription


 Let’s assume  that   your  professor  is   using this   Phonetic  alphabet  which  has  one  example  for  each one  of  the sounds ,  in case  that   you  have  to  identify  what   words   belong  to the  different   sounds,  you  have to  rely on your  professor , other  students , your  own  pronunciation and  last  but  no least  your  dictionary.

I rely  on  the accuracy  of the  dictionaries since it is  the  one  that we  have 24/7  to solve  our  questions.  You have to trust on  your own  pronunciation  but if    you are not  one  hundred percent  sure ,  look  up  the  word  in   your dictionary.

when  it  comes   to preparation  for  exams,  you  should   practice    words  provided by  your professor  while he or she was teaching  or the ones  found  in the textbook  that he or  she is  using , practice  as  many  words  as you  know  and you will get  the desired  results

If   the  professor  is  using another  phonetic alphabet  ,   you  must  make the  equivalences between the phonetic  symbols  that  you use and the ones  that   he or  she  uses.

Please   take    five minutes  of  your time  and  watch this  video clip  made  By Cambridge English Channel    , it   helps  with the pronunciation  of the   every phonemic  symbol and  it has  examples


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