Who’s Talking? – Points to think about

It’s worth asking yourself while teaching, “Why am I doing this? Why aren’t the students doing it instead?” If you are explaining something to the class, maybe they could be given the chance to try to explain it first? If you give a few examples on the board and let students think about them and have a go at explaining the meaning or structure, they may surprise you! Besides, we remember better when we struggle a little bit to understand rather than being ‘spoon-fed’ the lesson by a teacher.

Here are some ideas:
a) Who asks questions?
b) Who answers questions?

Try giving prompts on the board for the learners to use while asking questions. For example, write the numbers 1-6 on the board and ask the students to assign question words:
1 – Who?
2 – When?
3 – How many/much? … and so on

Then roll a dice and ask them to formulate interesting questions related to the topic beginning with that question word. Students can answer each other’s questions.
c) Who gives instructions?
d) Who explains things?

Ask a student to be your assistant for the lesson. They will read the instructions out loud and check that they classmates have understood. Ask for a volunteer to summarize the lesson in the last 3 minutes back to the class.

e) Who checks the answers to the exercises?
f) Who repeats when someone hasn’t heard?

Ask the students to nominate the next person to answer the questions in the book or workbook. They shouldn’t ask the same person again until everyone has had a chance to answer. Asking the person sitting next to them in not allowed! The students can repeat when their friends haven’t heard.

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