Three Types of Teachers, Which one are You?

While there are many different classifications of teachers and teaching styles, Adrian Underhill’s are very relevant to ‘Classroom Management’ and this post, which focuses on teacher / student talking time and teacher/student interaction. Underhill described three general types of teaching style:

The explainer is good at:

  • explaining grammar or vocabulary
  • entertaining the students with presentations
  • In other words, the explainer knows the subject matter well.

The involver is good at:

  • involving the students in the learning process through tasks
  • using a variety of different techniques and activities to help students learn
  • In other words, the involver knows the subject matter and methodology well.

The enabler is good at:

  • creating the conditions where students do the learning
  • planning around the learners so that the teacher becomes less visible – the students and their learning are the main focus.
  • In other words, the enabler knows the subject matter, methodology and the learners well.

We hope that you will become the best ‘enabler’ possible. In order to for this to happen, you need to:

  • know the content the learners are responsible for
  • be skilled at organizing classroom activities
  • have an appropriate relationship with the learners – a relationship which promotes learning

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