Tv Shows with closed caption

The Simpsons captioned

What are captions?

Captions are the text version of audio, including speech, sounds and music, that can be found on TV, DVDs, online videos and at the cinema or theatre.

Similar to subtitles for foreign language films, captions generally appear at the bottom of a screen.

In some cases, they are positioned to show which character is speaking or where the sound is coming from. Different coloured text may also be used to distinguish between sounds.

Captions  for  learning  English

Captions    are  very useful  in the  process  of  learning  english because   learners are  exposed  to  new  vocabulary  and   the   vocabulary used  in  Tv shows  is  vocabulary   for  everyday  use .

Considerations  when  using  this  activity

  1. Choose   a  program  that  you usually watch .
  2. Record all  the  word  and phrases  that  you  don’t know
  3. Look  up  the  word  and  phrases    in  a  dictionary
  4. Undertand that the  first time   you ‘ll  get lots of  new  vocabulary  so  the  task  might seem overwhelming.
  5. Keep in mind  that the  task    will be  easier after several  times doing the activity.


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