Phrasal Verbs: Lesson Plan


Warm Up  (20 Minutes)

Students will make pairs and they will be given ten minutes to write as many phrasal verbs as they know then groups will compare the phrasal verbs that they have with the rest of their classmates.

Presentation (15 Minutes)

Teacher explains that two types of phrasal verbs

  1. Transitive Phrasal Verbs
  2. Intransitive Phrasal Verbs

Students are given a set of phrasal verbs, they are given ten minutes to analize examples of them

Practice  (180 Minutes)

Task #1: Students are given a list of  24  verbs and they have to categorize those verbs in the following two categories ( 20 Minutes)

  1. Transitive Phrasal Verb
  2. Transitive Phrasal Verb

Task#2 Students make two teams and two of the members of the group have to do mimics in order for their  classmates to guess what phrasal verb is being acted out.             (20 minutes)

Task #3 Students  have to take phrasal verbs  out of a hat and make a question with the phrasal verb that another member of the group has to respond. (20 minutes)

Task#4  Students are given a worksheet that has two matching exercises in which they have to match the phrasal verbs with the definition and another in which they have to add a particle to a verb to make a phrasal verb that matches the meaning given. ( 20 minutes)

Task#5 Students are given a set of 10 sentences with phrasal verbs that have been transcribed phonetically, they have to write the sentences in English. ( 20 minutes)

Task#6 Students have to transcribe phonetically some phrasal verbs given in a list.        (30 minutes)

Task#7 Student complete online excersises to test their knowdlege of phrasal verbs           (20 Minutes)

Task #8  Students grab a sentence with a phrasal verb that has something incorrect, the classmates have to fix it. ( 30 Minutes)

Production (15 minutes)

Student grab ten phrasal verbs from a bag and they have to make a conversation with their partner and used them all. (20 Minutes)

Wrap Up  (10 minutes)

Students play a kahoot in which their knowledge of phrasals verbs is tested. (20 minutes)


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