Affective Variables in Second Language Acquisition

teaching reading 1While teaching  a  speaking   class , the  words Motivation and Self-confidence  came  to my  mind    and  I said   to my students  that these  were important  variables  in the process of  Second  Language Acquisition, recently I  checked  the  site   and I saw  that  I was forgetting  the  third variable  which  was Anxiety

I leave  you  with  the  excerpt of the  book that   backs  up my point

Research over the last decade has confirmed that a variety of affective variables relate to success in second language acquisition. Most of those studied can be placed into one of these three categories:

  1. Motivation. Performers with high motivation generally do better in second language acquisition
  2. Self-confidence. Performers with self-confidence and a good self-image tend to do better in second language acquisition.
  3. Anxiety. Low anxiety appears to be conducive to second language acquisition, whether measured as personal or classroom anxiety.

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