Teaching Grammar: Information and Exercises to Understand the Simple Present

Simple Present

We use the simple present tense when an action is happening right now, or when it happens regularly


  1. I live in Costa Rica
  2. She doesn’t like to go to the beach
  3. I think you are wrong
  4. They don’t  have too much money

Video Explanations



Simple Present – Online Exercises

  1. Sentences and Questions in the Simple Present
  2. Simple Present Crossword
  3. Negations in the Simple Present, don’t or doesn’t 
  4. Sentences and questions in the Simple Present – Exercise 2
  5. Simple Present – 3rd person -s – Exercise 1
  6. Simple Present Tense Exercise

Simple Present Worksheets PDF

  1. Simple Present Test PDF
  2. Daily Routines : Simple Present Tense  ESL Worksheet

Legit Worksheets I Recommend

  1. Simple Present – National  Geographic Learning
  2. Simple Present Worksheet- National Geographic
  3. Grammar:  Present Simple Tense
  4. Present Simple – Grammar Worksheet – Macmillan Inspiration
  5. Present Simple Passive – MacMillan Inspiration
  6. Grammar Section: Present Tenses – Cambridge University Press




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