Teaching Grammar: Great Resources to Understand the Simple Past

Simple Past:

We use the past simple to talk about actions  completed in the past.

  1. She came back last Thursday.
  2. I saw her in the building.
  3. They didn’t agree with me.

It can also be used to talk about a period of time.

  1. She lived in California for seven years.
  2. They were in London from monday to friday

You will often find the past simple used with time expressions such as these:

  1. Yesterday
  2. two weeks ago
  3. last year
  4.  in 2009
  5. from May to June
  6. for a long time
  7. for 4 weeks
  8. in the 1990s
  9. in the last century
  10. in the past

Negatives sentences  look like this:

  1. I didn’t take it with me
  2. She didn’t look at her
  3. We didn’t get any presents

Questions look like this:

  1. Did you do the homework?
  2. Did you look at her?
  3. Did you get any presents?


If   you  understand the topic already or wanna test your skills, consider doing one or more of these activities

  1. Matching about the  past form  of the verbs on Propofs
  2. Pronunciation of  regular verbs in its past form – Practice
  3. Walt Disney Biography: Listening-Reading Practice with Focus on Verbs in the Simple Past
  4. Practice  of the most common irregular verbs  on Quizlet
  5. Simple Past with Jamiroquai



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