Second Language Acquisition with Stephen Krashen

The following video is one of best videos related to Second  Language Acquisition  which is  one of the  theories   that  changed  my whole perspective about learning a  language

13 Great  and powerful statements

  1. We all  acquire language  the same way.
  2. We are very  concerned how students are  different, not how  students  are the same.
  3. We  acquire  language when  we understand  what  people tell us .
  4. Talking  is  not  practicing .
  5. Speaking  is  not the beginning  of   language acquisition  , it is  the result of comprehensible input.
  6. It  is  not what  you  say but  what the other person says to  you.
  7. Speaking is  an  indirect  contribution   to  language acquisition.
  8. Motivated students   do  better  in language acquisition.
  9.  Students  with  more self-esteem   do  better  in language  acquisition.
  10. The lower  the anxiety , the better  the  language acquisition.
  11. Students   need  to assume  that  they are going to  be  successful.
  12. There  is  a Language Acquisition Device  in all   of us.
  13. Don’t  believe   in  torture but  a little anxiety is  OK

besides  the  video  you can  expand  your  knowledge  by  reading   the    document  “Principles and Practices  in Second Language Acquisition”  and ” Second Language Acquisition and  Second  Language Learning”


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