Adrian Underhill: Introduction to Teaching Pronunciation Workshop

Due to popular demand ,  the whole 1 hour ‘Introduction to teaching pronunciation’ video by Adrian Underhill is available for you to view.

  1. We  keep pronunciation  as  a mental  activity  when  it  is  also  a physical activity
  2. We   need   to  make  a  connection   between  the  head  and the muscles
  3. The  symbols  are  the reminder  of the sounds
  4. Mistakes are  syllabus
  5. A  vowel   has  many acceptable sounds
  6. We  need  all  the sounds   now  so we  need  to present them  together

Great  explanation  about the  use  of    vowel  sounds   in   the  phonetic alphabet  and   also  useful    good  display  of  techniques    to teach them


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