Welcome to Englishpost.org

Englishpost.org is intended to host most of the information prepared for classes since 2011. It has always been the mission of this blog to look as professional as possible. all new content is written with a category in mind so the content keeps being  organized as new posts are created.

Why is the blog named Englishpost.org?

Picking a name isn’t easy ,  basically posts are the essential part of blogging and  English is the essential part of this blog

What about the tagline?

Many people are focused in learning English and a group  is focused in learning how to teach it . That’s the essence of teaching , we learn it first then we teach it.

What’s the difference between learning and teaching?

The responsibilities of  teacher and learner are found  within  their own  words.

Who are the successful language learners?

Teachers have different styles and language learners too , No matter what style we have picked , staying busy with the language and seeing English as a mean of communication  and not as a subject is the key. But Jack C. Richard says it best .

What’s the greatest thing of  learning English?

The greatest thing is opening  the  path to a whole new world of information.

What’s the ultimate goal?

Blogging is the best exercise for a  learner and a teacher so the ultimate goal is  to stay in shape.

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