Front of the class

Movies : Front of the Class

Brad Cohen’s story starts as a young boy whose mother helped doctors to realize that he had Tourette syndrome. With his mother’s help and the support of his school principal, Brad eventually becomes an award-winning teacher.


Personal Travel Plans

Key Vocabulary – Places you can visit  River Mountain Beach Waterfall Countryside Zoo Cinema  or movie theather Theather Museum Amusement Park The pool Festivals Things you can do  in those places You can take a swim You can go hike and enjoy nature You can bathe , surf and or get a tan in the…

minority Groups

Minority Groups

Minority Groups have five characteristics: (1) suffering discrimination and subordination, (2) physical and/or cultural traits that set them apart, and which are disapproved by the dominant group, (3) a shared sense of collective identity and common burdens, (4) socially shared rules about who belongs and who does not determine minority status, and (5) tendency to…


Celebrate! Holidays in the U.S.A.

This EPUB file has all texts : Celebrate Holidays in the USA Resources for teachers – List of Holidays (PDF Files) Halloween New Year’s Eve Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day Valentine’s Day Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Veteran’s Day Martin Luther King Day April Fool’s Day (

Costa Rica Soccer Team

Achievements of our National Athletes

Do you know who these people are? I bet you do Invite  the students  to search for some key information about national athletes  shown on the video such as Nery Brenes Andrey Amador Bikkazakova Claudia Poll Hanna Gabriels Keylor Navas Gabriela Traña Sharolyn Scott Heiner Oviedo Bryan Vasquez This is some key information that  your…