Breaking the Language Barrier by Tim Doner

Tim Doner is a senior at the Dalton School in New York City who has studied over 20 languages. His interest started at the age of 13, after several years of French and Latin, when he began learning Hebrew and soon moved on to more obscure tongues such as Pashto, Ojibwe and Swahili. As he…

Like and Dislike

Likes , Dislikes and Preferences

Key verbs to teach about likes  and dislikes Enjoy Hate Prefer Like Dislike Enjoy Action verbs read listen play Talk Dance Speak run Jump Swim Jog Watch Catch Throw Jump Sentences I like eating ice cream I am crazy about sports I am fond of chocolate I am a huge fan of soccer I dislike…

Front of the class

Movies : Front of the Class

Brad Cohen’s story starts as a young boy whose mother helped doctors to realize that he had Tourette syndrome. With his mother’s help and the support of his school principal, Brad eventually becomes an award-winning teacher.